fredia roux

As 3-year old, Fredia’s Mom dressed her up and entered her into any talent competition that the small town of Lichtenburg in the North-West had to offer. She would sing songs making up the lyrics as she goes and reciting poems that her Grandmother taught her. She became the main attraction at family gatherings, churches and beauty pageants. As 18-year old she was still doing the same thing, performing at local arts festivals and talent competitions. This time around not being forced into it by her Mother but rather doing it because she loves it. By a stroke of luck, while performing a short poem by I.L de Villiers she was noticed by one of the judges. He immediately phoned Brumilda van Rensburg and she sponsored Fredia to take part in her acting course. Since then Fredia has worked in all mediums, stage, radio, film, television and commercials. What an amazing privilege it was for her to do what she loves and get paid for it at the same time. Fredia completed her Degree in BA Live Performance at AFDA Johannesburg in 2015. There she studied under the likes of Camilla Waldman, Justin Strijdom, Greg Homann and Antony Coleman, all specialists in both Stage and Theatre. To Fredia this is not just a job or an income, if it was about the money she would have studied medicine. Acting is the only thing her heart has to offer.

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