izanne soine

A talented an entrepreneurial young individual, with the world at her feet, this dynamic and highly motivated young actress is ready to set the world stage alight. Her sparkling personality and endearing attitude ensures a package destined for brilliance, just looking to be discovered. Having completed both her 1st and 2nd years of study at AFDA successfully in the disciplines of Live Stage and Film studies, her 3rd year students are not only limited to specialization in only one of these disciplines, but rather both. Izanne’s performance in her 2nd year of study, she has been nominated for the rare privilege of pursuing both disciplines in her 3rd year of study. She was prescribed for both disciplines on the strong recommendation of her acting lecturer Camilla Waldman and the AFDA Campus Registrar, Trevor Harper. Since an early age Izanne has been a highly motivated individual with extremely prudent and directed goals, and a driven ambition to reach the crowning glory of her chosen career. She displays a natural and raw talent, both vocally and on the stage, which is refreshing and unique. Once her degree has been completed she has set her sights on studying her Masters/ honours in drama in the USA, and is working hard to accomplish this difficult goal. In addition she has been invited to complete her Honours degree at AFDA in 2016. Besides been recognized in various formal and informal leadership positions, Izanne has acted in various positions in social upliftment projects as well as part time acting roles in various television commercials. She has also attended drama workshops with renowned actress Brumilda van Rensburg. Her acting highlight of 2015 was the role of Queen Macbeth in the Shakespeare work of the same name, where she clearly demonstrated her natural talent.

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