kirsten jaftha

Kirsten is known for her comedic charm and joyful heart. In college her tag line was, “She’s a fluffy, freckled faced, fireball.” This was because she has beautiful curly hair, perfectly positioned freckles on her cheeks and a fiery personality that lit up the people around. She fell in love with acting around the age of 6/7. She watched the movie “I am Sam” and as a child she thought Sean Penn was really someone with special needs. When she found out that he was doing this thing called acting she was amazed and enchanted at this deception. She then became obsessed with this world of pretense. She grew up in a single parent home which came with few challenges and disappointments. Growing up without a father was one of her greatest challenges but somewhat a blessing. Missing this character in her life she imagined one. She escaped into her own world for hours acting in her room and found comfort in the fact that she could become anyone she wanted to be. She decided that she wanted to be that sense of relief for other people and give them a means of escapism through the world of entertainment. She received a partial scholarship to attend the New York Film Academy and left home at the young age of 19 to pursue her dreams. She fell even more in love with her craft and learned that it is more difficult and more technical than she thought. She found the course to be very emotionally draining but despite the demanding nature of acting she continued to grow and learn. She had the opportunity to work in front and behind camera and found that she loves both aspects of film. She managed to write and direct her own short film and realized that she has a natural gift and love for storytelling. She plans to study film making (writing, directing and editing) once she has more work experience. She knows she belongs in this industry and can’t see herself doing anything less.

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