marni de wet

As a young girl Marni realized that her talents lied in the arts. In 2008 she featured in one of Carika keuzenkamp’s music videos and in 2010 she played a young girl in a Debonair’s commercial and joining her school choir the same year. In high school Marni was known as the “drama girl” participating in every and any drama activity. Marni played in 4 ATKV teen plays in two years and sang in 3 school musicals. Marni won a gold certificate at an ATKV teen plays for her role as Mary in the drama Kinderspelitjies. Another role include Lizl in the musical The sound of music. In 2016 Marni was awarded as the best actress trophy in her school. In her 8 years of choir she competed in both Europe as well as in Sochi, Russia, for the world choir games. Marni was announced head girl of the school choir and also receiving the choir member of the year award. She was also part of her school’s prefects and demonstrated her joyous personality as a cheerleader for her school. Now at the age of 18 Marni has signed with Alushi models and hope to furfure her career as an artist by being goal-orientated and always walking the extra mile. In 2018 Marni will study Bcom Supply-chain-management at TUKS, with the purpose to broaden her horizon. Marni is aware of the fact that reaching her goals won’t be easy, but luckily she isn’t afraid to push her limits.

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