It was during her performances in FAD Creations’ Broadway Performance Showcase Experiences in 2014 and ’15, that forever change her looking-thinking-planning-process. Row-Lean also featured in Binnelanders and in JaneDuke Band’s music video Hemel In Jou Oë. She toured with the 8 Days Cast and Crew form the USA when they launched their movie in SA during April 2015. She starred in the role of Alette in the theatre production Gevlek written by Marcel Spaumer and was later signed with District Models. Row-Lean was the ‘Mean Girl’ for young and talented artist LiiLa in her debut music video called #LosDans. She diligently pursues her love for mastering the art of singing at Studio Cha from the vivacious Lee Scott and takes piano lessons from Liesl Du Plessis at Arts @ Sussex. She recently landed the role of Saskia in The Loft House written and directed by Ferdinand Gernandt; a Kingdom project to be launched in 2017. Row-Lean loves what goes on behind the camera and was also appointed as head of art department on The Loft House. She is also the South African Production Assistant for the American produced film We Are Brothers. Row-Lean portrayed the role of Mildred Groenewald in The Film Factory’s Jou Romeo. Row-Lean's Rendezvous was born in August 2015 and is a Vlogging channel that covers among others topics collection launches, music shows, local and international artists, outdoor events, media launches and premiers. In June 2016 Row-Lean's Agents of Change launched which is a sub-division of Rendezvous. These episodes serve as a charity part of Row-Lean's brand and will report on the good people in the community are doing as well as bring awareness to charitable organizations.


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