tayla tolmay

She is out going, talented and a determined young lady. From a young age she had a passion for acting and knew she was going to make it her occupation one day. During her high school career she enjoyed spending her extra time having ballroom classes and also took part in school productions, plays and practical examinations. She took part in competitions and found herself in front of the camera. In 2010 she was cast in a Waterkloof Highschool and André Velts short film “Familieresep” that was later sent to KykNet Silverskerm Fees. In 2015 after school she took part in another Waterkloof Highschool and André Velts production “Transito” that was also entered into the KykNet SilverSkerm Fees. She was later cast in a feature film “Jou Romeo” in which she played the role of Vera Kruger in 2016. She believes acting to be an escape from her reality and would like to continue her acting career for many years. In her spare time she reads Shakespeare novels and enjoys practicing monologues. She aspires to one day become a professional actress.

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