tirzah thodlana

Tirzah Thodlana was born in 1994 in Cape Town, grew up with 3 older brothers and her identical twin sister who is also her best friend in life, She likes being involved in sports, having danced since the age of 7 and always wanted to be in the entertainment industry , She and her sister have had opportunities to choreograph for a number of events, After school they had attended a theatre course for a year at the Mandela theatre, where they learned more of about the acting industry, She also has a deep passion for music, singing and has written a few of her own songs, In high school she had entered a beauty pageant competition and won second princess, a modeling school then asked her to join them and she went on to do pageantry for 4 years with her twin sister, Then they became judges for pageantry shows, They have since been involved in television and film for a number of years having done work such as YoTV, advertisements for Wimpy, Vodacom and Always, though Tirzah does favour theatre. Broadway will always have her a place in her heart, it is her goal to retire from the corporate world at 35 and be a great actor, director and filmmaker by then. Also having worked amongst greats such as Naomie Harris, Denzel Washington, and Charlize Theron. Even though recently opening her own company keeps her busy she still finds time to do some motivational speaking and is a youth leader for teens at a camp. She currently stars in a new series called fifty playing the character of Cayleigh, Who is a twin to Serena, Having had to play this character in the show was great and a huge growing experience, working with everyone and pushing herself to perform at her best was exiting, She has learned a lot and is very excited to learn even more


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