zahra dada

She is hardworking, well-traveled, driven, motivated and naturally beautiful. Zesty Zahra Dada believes that if you put in the necessary effort to achieve your goals and reach for your dreams, that you will undoubtedly reap those rewards! Zahra discovered her talent for acting during her Matric year in 2013 where she achieved a 92% as her final mark for drama. If there is one thing Zahra has always been passionate and believes really talented in, it is presenting. She has just graduated from a three-year degree in Brand Building and Business Management at Vega School of Brand Leadership. It was in her final year of University in 2016 where Zahra was voted lead presenter for Brand Challenge. Zahra appeared in an online commercial for Vega as a student (2016) and now that she has graduated she has decided to pursue her dream of tackling the entertainment industry. Zahra knows this is a tough industry but she knows that she has to be even tougher! Zahra has just completed an Acting on Screen course, Actorwize with Rajesh Gopi, a TV presenting course at the SABC, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence people in which she won one of the biggest presentation award and an Introduction to Modelling course in which she excelled. She now feels ready to tackle real opportunities in this industry as a presenter, actress and model and she always enjoys trying new things and embarking on new adventures. Zahra Dada’s goal is to achieve her highest potential and to maximise on her God-given talents, gifts and insight.

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