anlia van rensburg

Ambitious, adventurous and a bundle of fun! This girl is passionate and driven by her endless curiosity to learn and her hunger to succeed. Anlia is currently portraying the role of Sasha Richter in the South African T.V. series, Getroud Met Rugby. She made her local film debut in 2014 in AGENT 2000 and will be making her international film debut in 2016 in Revolt. Further more she has starred in multiple theatre productions, music videos and films. Anlia has and continues to train Combat Fighting for Action films. Her skills include; Singing, Basic guitar, Dance, Combat Fighting for film, Basic Gun handling, High Diving, Trampoline, Basic Horse Riding, Swimming, Scuba Diving. Anlia completed an Honours Degree in Performing Arts (Cum Laude) at the Tshwane University of Technology, specializing in acting, singing and directing in 2012. She also had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Siracusa, Italy, where she trained in Modeling, TV and Photo Posing. With her lust for life, she continues to train, learn new skills and improve on the current ones.


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