hayley burls

The most popular question most children get asked at least once in their lives is, So, what do you want to be when you grow up? For Hayley, this question was easy, an Actress! After four years studying at the Waterfront Theatre College, Hayley graduated with not only a love for drama, but for any form of entertainment, and over the next 8 years she found herself performing on stage in the form of dance. Having joined the dance company RT Concerts, She danced mainly for Sun International Casino’s in shows such as ‘Tina Turner Rock Diva,’ ‘Coyote Ugly,’ ‘Cowgirls and Angels,’ and ‘Hot Hot Hot.’ With the same company she also went to Taiwan to dance in the show ‘Carnival Heat’ in Tai-Chung. A cultural experience she will never forget. Other international shows consist of a children’s show in Dubai, and a 6 month dance contract in Macau. Hayley then followed to perform in a cabaret show ‘Vintage Varga Girls’ where she loved performing as a backup vocalist. For the next 3 years she found herself performing at Sun city in shows such as ‘Razzle Dazzle,’ ‘Fantasy,’ ‘Pzazz’ and ‘Bdazzled.’ In between her dance shows Hayley also focused her energy in acting, appearing on Television as a cameo role in the series Going Up Again and in various commercials. In 2015 Hayley considered herself very fortunate to be chosen as an ambassador for the product Mortein. She flew to Zambia where she represented Mortein in their anti-Malaria campaign. Being interviewed on Television and Radio, she communicated Mortein’s aim of helping vulnerable mothers and children, as they are the most susceptible to contracting malaria. At present, Hayley enjoys dancing at corporate functions, painting, graphic design and improving her skill on the saxophone.


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