kefilwe mello

Kefilwe Mello is young vibrant, out spoken and confident young lady who is extremely talented, her talent has driven her to obtaining her National Diploma in dramatic arts at the Tshwane University of Technology, In the year 2009 after completing her high school qualification she offered her service as a researcher for a year on a youth based show, *dlala nge ringas* at Soweto Tv, later the next year in the year 2010 she went overseas serving as a facilitator, drama mentor and teacher, a peer counsellor, actor and a youth worker, after returning to South Africa the following year Kefilwe went on to work as a Radio host at a Community radio station* Moretele Fm* first doing grave yard slots and later doing afternoon slots on Saturdays. In the year 2012 she went and enrolled with a drama institution where she furthered her studies in drama and film, she has been fortunate to play leads in all the shows at school, shows from student production to lectures production. Kefilwe worked with the South African State theatre playing a lead role in and adaptation of Medea which later was selected to perform in the National arts festival in Grahams town, during her three years in school she also worked for a campus radio doing morning shows and drive time, playing the role of a news reader, sports reader , traffic and host\driver of the show at Tshwane Fm. She is no triple threat she is the epitome of talent, as an actor, presenter, radio host, comedian, impersonator, Mc and so much more, The art industry is what she is passionate about and with the talent she has it’s certain that we have something to cherish in South Africa

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