leoni venter

Actress/Pilates instructor Leoni Venter obtained her BA Drama degree at the University of Pretoria in 2002. Her stage and theatre experience includes numerous children’s theatre productions over the past 6 years in both English and Afrikaans, and saw her on stages from the Aardklop Arts Festival to Pretoria State Theatre. She has completed various radio and broadcasting courses. Leoni’s voice has been used for voice-overs, and she revels in using character voices. She recently did the character voice of Janet for an exciting new South African animation called Tobie, created by Bugbox. Leoni also has the ability to use foreign accents such as British, American (made easy as she spent a year in New York) as well as some of the colorful South African accents. Her TV debut was made as the questionable character Sue, in the soapy 7de Laan.



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