liesl nel

Liesl Nel is an actress and choreographer. She finished her honours degree in 2008. She created the movement and dance show, Lovely in the Dark for the Krekvars Arts Festival on the University of Pretoria's main Campus. She also choreographed and directed 2 movement shows for the movement show at the end of her honours year. She was one of the principal performers in Black Persia and The Woman of War. In 2008 she played one of the lead roles in Waiting for the parade, directed by Pieter Brand. She choreographed a music video for the music channel MK and she also performed in the video. She directed, performed and wrote a show for the arts festival in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. She is currently busy with touring educational theatre where she plays various leads. Liesl is very passionate about her acting and is an outgoing comedic actress.

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