maryna malan

Maryna is a motivated actress; she knew from a very young age that her passion for acting was something extra ordinary. She matriculated in 2008 in Pretoria where after she went on studying Drama at Tshwane University of Technology where she obtained her Btech degree in 2013. While studying she portrayed numerous characters, Katryn in Konyn Katryn, Nora in a Dolls house Directed by Karina Lemmer, Clara in Pygmalion directed by Karina Lemmer, Man in Die Bagasie. She specialized in Childrens Theatre Voice and Directing. Maryna also has a passion for directing; in her final year of studies she directed Reza De Wets’s Drif and was invited to showcase Drif at the Pierneef Theatre. Maryna portrayed the role of Hanna on the Afrikaans soap Villa Rosa, and soon thereafter the role of Liza in More as ons groot is on Ons stories 2. Maryna participated in numerous short films such as, Stille Water, Hoek om pad af and the Unavoidable. Maryna Malan believes that working hard will pay off in the end.



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