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Melissa Swart is most known for her theatre work in big, Afrikaans, productions like; Dawid, die musical, as Batseba and Jesus, die musiekblyspel, as Moeder Maria.
Melissa lives by the motto; all things come to those who work for it and because she firmly believes this, she started working hard on her dreams. Her introduction to the stage came when she was just 5 years old, when her mother, gospel artist Wanda Bam, became the first South African to launch a childrens group called WIX (Wenners In X'tus) They toured with the likes of Steve Green. Soon she was seen showing off her musical, dancing and writing abilities in school and even won a national ATKV writing competition for one of her songs. She also joined Wian Vos on stage for 3 consecutive years at Godly Revolution, one of the biggest Christian youth festivals and in 2005 she appeared as lead vocal for the C-kruis band; Element. After school she enrolled at the Christian, performing arts company C-kruis, now known as 13th floor. She became the frontliner, soloist and lead in almost every production. She also toured the UK with the company in 2006. In 2007 she did her first musical, a TUT musical Bohemia, for now, as Charity. In the same year she was cast in her first industry show Miss Rock, with Adri Brits, Nadia Beukes and Rozanne McKenzie. Melissa co-wrote a book with her mother and sister called Hoor wat ek sê, published by Carpe Diem in 2007. She had another opportunity to work along side her mother in 2008, during Houtkruis, die musical 2.

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