motso ratsie

Motso is an award winning and seasoned actress with experience spanning over 9 years. Her artistic performances reflect her exceptional skill of entrenched interpretation of the characters she portrays. She translates her experiences and observations into thought provoking representation with vibrant use of body language and a euphonious voice with alto, tenor and soprano ranges. In 2010 she won an Overall Best Actress in BOTA National Drama Competition which gave her a scholarship. She has also won the Best Female Theatre Director for the same competitions in 2013. Her extensive acting work has been covered by TV interview and print media in Botswana. She was on billboards for BBS internet banking transactions advert, on TV advert for Botswana Life Insurance, short film GAO for the Ministry of Health and on radio jingles on RB2 and GABZ FM. Motso was the 2014 second runner up on Signed International Acting and Film Competition, Botswana’s first acting and film competition. Motso has graced the South African television screens with roles on Zibondiwe, Saints and Sinners 2 and Scandal. Motso has recently completed filming Colours, a 26 part TV drama series where she portrayed the role of a no-nonsense career focused CEO, Amanda Kulube. Her performances were flawless as always

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