natasha tarryn

Natasha’s passion for the arts stems from both her parents - her father who was a musician and artist, and her mother who was a principle theatre ballet dancer. She studied Advanced Acting at Indigo View Academy. While there, she had been trained by some of South Africa’s best facilitators in the arts industry, namely Christa Schamberger, Sylvaine Strike, Fiona Ramsey, Craig Freidmond, Louise St. Claire, Pamela Nomvete, Daniel Buckland, Craig Morris, Steven Feinstein, James Cairns and Greg Homann. Her recent work includes playing Emma in the theatre production “The Role of Della”; singing in a charity musical theatre production as Pocahontas; playing lead actress in the 48 Hour Film Project “Saving You”; and co-directing the theatre production “Dichotomy”. Natasha is a confident, ambitious, determined and focused woman with high integrity. She has a strong drive to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter their age. She loves working with people and motivating them, she is energetic, quick to grasp new ideas, fun, loves to make people laugh, and is a go-getter with a zest for adventure! She loves the outdoors and has a great appreciation for nature, and she loves burying her nose in books with a good twist. Natasha also has a keen business mind with a BComm degree in Marketing and Advanced Management and she is the co-owner of the company Distinct Weddings where her work has been featured on Top Billing. Her passion for creativity knows no bounds and she continues to explore this within herself.


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