oaitse lesetedi

From a very young age Oaitse Lesetedi realized her passion for the Creative Industry. Whether she would be dancing, or putting on a show for her family and friends; there most certainly was a spark in her eyes when it was time to perform. When her family decided to move from South Africa to the UK, Oaitse was exposed to a whole different perspective of how to view life. Self-expression became a huge element of Oaitse’s personality and she found herself drawn to more of the artistic lessons at school and out of school. She studied Drama, Dance and Music at her Secondary School. After school she was busy training with Birmingham’s hottest Dance Company; TruStreet Dance. It was with TruStreet Dance that Oaitse was exposed to performing for large audiences for campaigns such as Breakin’ Convention, Tony and Guy, and Channel 4 “3 Minute Wonder”. She then studied Performing Arts, Theatre Studies and Dance at College. At this stage she truly discovered the tutor in her; as she began to explore her skill of being a choreographer. Furthermore she then auditioned and was accepted to study Acting at Bird College; where she was awarded the Actor of the Year at the graduation of her Foundation Degree in Creative Industries. During this time she was approached to become the Presenter of Miss Southern Africa UK which she was honored to Host. Currently based in South Africa, Oaitse is hopeful of the opportunities that the booming film industry has to offer. She believes that her strong drive and will to succeed in everything she does will open many opportunities her way.

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