olebogeng mosime

From the rural village of Rustenburg where there is no spark of theatre. Olebogeng always had a dream of becoming one of the prominent figure in the field of the performing arts. A dream that was only lingering in her mind. But she kept that dream with a hope that it will one day become a reality. She grew up with this energy of always outsmarting her peers in social and cultural activities which had nothing to do with her dream. However one of her smart teacher spotted a potential in Olebogeng which the teacher was not even sure off what it is what Olebogeng has. She made it a point that whenever there were cultural activities of sketches or community theatre in their school Olebogeng would be included in the group of students. To Olebogeng’s surprise her presentation was always highly appreciated by the teachers and her school mates. Unexpectedly the family relocated to Johannesburg, the mecca of theatre or performing arts, an overwhelming feeling. She then flashed back to her dream and she started to try to find out how she can get herself into the real performing arts, not as just a dream but, as a challenge and a career. Subsequently she heard of State Theatre in Pretoria and that there were workshop training the aspiring artists. She went straight to Pretoria and enrolled to become one of the trainees, surprisingly the workshop facilitator spotted her talent and advised her to take it serious. It was not long she found herself in the production of Sophiatown as the lead character as an advance trainee. She held on, on her training this time under Paul Grootboom. The next production was Buggage which had a run in the momentum at the State Theatre. She went on featuring in the production of Legendary Selaelo Maredi, Director, writer, an actor who spend half of his life working in the theatre abroad. Plays such Bond by Love, Hlolahloleho and Sisters collective. Bond by love a character of a child who’s fighting to stabilize the broken marriage between mother and father. Hlolahloleho, a character with specific gift trying to discover herself in a gloomy environment that destroys the lives of the young people today. Sister collective, a group of woman who were victims of a womanizer father from different mothers, with Olebogeng playing the agitator and unifier. She did not stop at that. She went and enrolled for a Diploma with City Varsity a School of Media and Creative arts focusing on screen acting and partially dancing, presenting, voice over and film study.

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