amina barnett

Ever since she can remember, Amina Barnett wanted to become an actress. After proofing herself to be a very successful and caring nurse, she finally started her acting career at the matured age of 40. It started off as a hobby by running classes at The Playhouse, but the bug bit and she is now a professional actress with more go than your average young starting out actress.
At a very early stage in her training, Amina realized the tremendous benefits of starting at such a late stage in her life. Her role as professional nurse taught her the art of understanding people. It also taught her a variety of other skills such as approaching different personality types, how to cope on different stress levels and in different situations. It thought her priceless values and life experiences which are of priceless value to her new career.
Amina completed het acting course at The Playhouse under the expertise of Sarahann Doherty and Olivia Steyn. She mastered the following acting techniques: Sanford Meisner, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Stanislavski and Lee Strassberg.  She specialized in comedy and emotional work and gave her classmates big competition.
Meeting Amina, it is very clear that she has an untameable passion for this new career. This coloured Capetonian lady sure knows what she wants to achieve as an actor and is willing to walk the extra mile to get it.
Amina also does Professional Ballroom, Latin and Social dancing. She is a creative person and likes to spend her free time doing art work.

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