annelisa weiland

Annelisa Weiland’s first professional engagement was when she was studying drama at UCT. She was seen in DIE VADER and TITUS ANDRONICUS for CAPAB. In 1973 she was offered the role of Ophelia. In 1974 she joined PACT doing English and Afrikaans plays which was part of her repertoire, classical as well as contemporary works. Among her favorites was a local musical called FANGS. Her first television production was LIESBET SLAAP UIT and after that DIE KOSTER for which she won an Artes. She was involved in many English and Afrikaans TV productions (shot in the studio and on location) as well as a few series. She worked at the Market Theatre for Janice Honeyman as well as for Pieter Toerien. Annelisa did a number of Reza de Wet's plays and won the Dalro prize for best support for MIRAKEL. Some may remember her as the voice of HEIDI in the animation series. In 2000 she joined 7de Laan as Hilda and it has kept her pretty busy for 17 years, in 2015 she won the TEMPO award for best soap actress. She's been fortunate enough to be able to do theatre work in between the demanding schedule. Annelisa co wrote a two handed DIE SLAP KOEJAWEL AND OTHER TIDBITS with her friend and colleague Vanessa Cooke which has been performed in intimate venues.

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