belinda parkin

Belinda was born in Bloemfontein. In 1995 she studied drama at Technikon Pretoria and in 1996 she joined Milla Louw - School of Acting. After touring England for two years, she went back to University and in 2007 she obtained her BA degree in Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of the Free State. Belinda is a freelance actress who played in roles in various productions for Television; Hester en Ester Bester, Getroud met Rugby 1 & 2 Binneland Sub Judice, Home Sweet Home, Villa Rosa, Binneland, Vir Beter of Baie Beter and 7de Laan. For Film; Vaatjie sien sy Gat, Molly en Wors and Forsaken. For Stage; Murdered to death and Breinbliksem. For Corporate Sanlam Insurance and for commercials; Mini Cooper Belinda was also the Production Manger for Agent Snoet en die Hondelewe and the Production Assistant for Molly & Wors. She was props-master on the set of Rowwe Diamante.

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