Contessa (Born Contessa PopRock Afrika.) -Singer, Public Speaker and South Africa. Contessa is a self proclaimed Activist for South Africans. Contessa sings and speaks about life in South Africa, she is not shy to say what she feels. She invites people, her people, all South Africans to share what they go through. “In a world were pessimism has become the norm, we need someone to give us hope. Let’s unite! Let’s show them we are proud! Let’s love one another. Ubuntu! The moment you open up about what you feel and what you believe, you create a platform and opportunity for others, who would otherwise not have the chance, to do the same. We just need that first step. Be the ears for those who can’t hear, be the eyes for those who can’t see, and be the voice, for the silenced ones” Contessa is in the Process of learning SeTswana. She is very interested in learning more about the many different cultures in South Africa. She believes in Unity en Equal rights, and the only way to “get” this, is to understand the heart, the people of the country she loves so much. She is currently working on a Web series, where she will visit many people, and learn more about South Africa's colourful cultures. Through her music she wants to get the message of Unity, Hope and Love, to all people. She strongly believes that music is the universal language of the soul. Ubunthu Ngubunthu Ngabanthu.

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