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Edrien is a versatile singer and actress. Her solo albums include Big Ben and Huisie innie stad. Edrien's Theatre experience include festivals like KKNK; Gekraakte engel en die menslike hart & ’n Doring steek nie vanself nie, Aardklop; Ons twee kom ‘n langpad with Jannie Du Toit & Christa Steyn. And Innibos; Visvrou and Kappiekomando, were she was also co-writer. In 2008 & 2009 she was part of the ensemble for the Add Life Production, Houtkruis- die musical. In the same years she formed part of the ensemble of "Ons Vir Jou” . In 2010 she passed Grade 8 Rock school (Trinity) with merit, as well as Grade 8 in 2011, in Classical training, also with merit. She formed part of the children’s theatre group Boek-Buddies, early 2011 and thereafter she played the role of Ragel, in Ester the Musical. Edrien also worked as a puppeteer for Puppet World from 2005 - 2011. She started 2012 with her role as Tannie Koekie, Hester and Liesjan in Lied van my hart, thereafter she was part of the ensemble for Ons vir Jou (The 3rd season) and she portrayed the role of Ragel once again, in Ester die Musical. In 2013 Edrien was fortunate to play the role of Ouma Elsa, in the musical “Liefling” at the State Theatre and in “Jesus die Musiekblyspel” she formed part of the ensemble. 2014 was a great year for her with many different ventures, including playing the Role of Tant Hessie in Droomkind, and once again playing the role of Ouma Elsa, in Liefling, this time at Teatro in Monte Casino. One of the highlights of Edrien’s career was playing the role of the Fairy Godmother in Aspoestertjie A Pantomime in 2015 at The Theatre of Marcelles at Emperor’s Pallace. 2016 is also packed with many great adventures, traveling to all the big Arts Festivals, with the Farse, “Daa Gat die Bruid”. Although most of Edrien's theatre experience has been in Afrikaans, she is completely bilingual, speaks some German and Tswana and can do many different accents and her experience with puppetering and Childrens theatre has tought her to do many different character voices and high energy performances. In 2014 Edrien appeared in the television drama series Aalwyntyd as well as 2 “Silwerskerm” films, STOM and NEEM MY SAAM. Her television experience also include 7de Laan (2010) and Binneland (2012), High Rollers (2013 & 2015), Donkerland (2013), Bloedbroers (2014), Fluiters (2015) and Scandal (2015). She appeared in 3 Different feature films in 2016. “Gelukkigste dag”, as Sersant Brenda, “Kampterein”, as Karen Venter and “Vir die Voëls”, as Dina De Klerk. She was also privaledged enough to have been asked to write and sing an original song that featured in “Vir die Voëls”.

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