gorette doria

Gorette strives to have an effective and empowering influence on people whom she comes into contact with on a daily basis, thereby striving to make a positive difference in their lives. She enjoys being a Performance Coach and Facilitator within an organisational development context. Her energy, enthusiasm, vast working experience and belief in ongoing learning and development is instrumental in enabling her to help organisations to achieve their project objectives. She is able to achieve this by focusing on her own continuous personal development, which includes the completion of recognised and accredited programmes and the attainment of international certificates in the areas of psychology, sales and marketing, and coaching. When Gorette is not working in the business environment, Gorette is an active volunteer for the Ekurhuleni Branch of LifeLine, and also serves on their board. She has a passion for uplifting and empowering the community and strives to dedicate much of her free time to disadvantaged communities in trying to assist them in improving their circumstances. She promotes an enabling and positive ‘can-do’ mindset at all times and uses this to effect the growth and development of people in general.

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