hanlé barnard

Hanlé Barnard studied at National School of the Arts where she portrayed parts such as Grusha in Bertold Brecht's play and began to immerse herself in her craft. She continued her studies at The University of Cape Town where she completed her Performance Diploma under names like Geoffrey Hyland and Mark Fleishman. She was honoured enough to portray parts like Hamlet in Hamlet. Hanlé enjoyed a run of her one-woman show in Canada, Australia and South Africa and has worked with directors like David Rotenberg and Nina Aresenault. She has won a Fleur de Cap and Dalro best actress. Hanlé has a deep love for acting and has also portrayed Antigone in Antigone directed by British director Sean Mathias at The Baxter. She has enjoyed international work like ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘Charlie Jade’. She also works as a writer and a singer and violinist. Recently she appeared in Modder and Bloed, Land van Skedels by Nicola Hanekom for which she was nominated a Fiesta, and Monster for Kyknet by Stafford Robinson. She is also a highly sought after voice artist, works with ZANEWS and part of electro duo Electric Corvette where she is known as Hannah Barnard. 

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