kemble elliott

Kemble has been involved in drama and theatre from her earliest memory, studying it at school and Rhodes University, where she was a nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award. Kemble taught English and Drama for a number of years and eventually became a Deputy Principal. However, her love of theatre and the stage never waned and she has been involved in theatre in numerous guises (writing, directing, producing, and acting and singing). She acted in an international Advertisement (Telekom Belgium, 2007), as well as Society (2008, a company director) and Home Affairs (Psychiatrist, 2008). In 2015 she did an advertisement for Absa Prosper and in 2016, was cast in one of the Pick ‘n Pay Christmas advertisement. Kemble is a respected speaker and workshop presenter in the field of education, and more specifically, creative and innovative teaching practice (including metacognition and philosophical thinking and reasoning). Kemble has done voice over work for radio advertisements (Crawford Schools, 2010 and 2013) and her book,‘Twixt Cup and Lip: Biography of a Relationship (a biography in poetry) was recorded for Radio Veritas for release in 2015. Kemble has presented many workshops and has MC-ed for conferences and Forums in education. She also has a Masters in education and is currently the Director of Creative and Critical Thinking at Redhill School in Johannesburg.

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