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It’s been three years since South Africa got its first slice of Monique Steyn’s striking voice, neatly diced into her debut album, Ek Val Vir Jou. In 2013 Pienk Champagne is the Pretoria-raised beauty’s 15 track follow-up that is fast confirming her place as a majoy player in pop circles right around the country. Where the Pretoria Technikon gave Monique Steyn her light music text-book training, The Barnyard Theatres gave her the stage to become a true performer, in every sense of the word. She Might be qualigied to do it all, but Monique Steyn has chosed to embrace the pop style and sensibility that helped make America’s Kelly Clarkson great. Monique’s debut’s title track, a duet with none other than Snotkop, enjoyed massive support and the video was played so many times on YouTube that it was acknowledged for being the most downloaded song on the channel. Add two Temp Awards (one for Best Dance Album and a second for Best Music Video for “Ek Val Vir Jou”. MK also dropped an award her way, again for the hit and rather hot title track’s video. Monique’s debut clearly made an impressive dent in Afrikaans pop, only to be pipped to the post by Pienk Champagne with its explosion of originality that shakes great music making to its very core. With eight co-writing credits to her name on Pienk Champagne and the likes of Sean Burler’s producing on the album’s balads – Monique Steyn has always kept good company. The Album’s hit singles “Ek Kan Jou Nie Vergeet Nie” reached Number Four on the Jacaranda Top 20 and the title track did just as well. With more chart-chumming singles still to break loose and show themselves, Pienk Champagne, the album, remains a high rotation staple, not only regional, but national radio too. The Afrikaans music market is a very competitive space, but it would seem that the ladies that play in tat place stick together. Monique’s niche is all about quality songs, all respectfully produced and carefully presented. “I believe I’m making music at the right time,” she admits. “I try to make music to the same standard that I am drawn to. There’s a new generation of fans who are interested. In songs with real personality, and I intend on making music that sits squarley in that space.” Practice, professionalism, raw talent and quality production are what continue to attract fans of all ages too. Music fan, animal lover and genuine talent, Monique’s making music that affect change for the better. Pop, acoustic, and enthused by the likes of the late-greatEva Cassidy and Sara McLachlan, she’s stirred by greatness and aspired to match and even beat the mark each of these greats have made.

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