sibongile mlangeni

Sibongile Mlangeni is a multi-talented performing artist, producer, radio & television presenter. An entrepreneur with very strong communication and customer service background and expertise spanning over twenty (20) years in different industries including the Media and Private Sector. Sibongile was born into a family of music lovers and performers. She started singing for large audiences at a young age. She has been inspired by everything she has heard, read and experienced In 1995 she started singing for big audiences of 1500 to 4000 at a time In 1998- 2003 she landed a producing and presenting opportunity at Radio Pulpit where she hosted a talk and music program. In 2004 she ventured into acting and started with background roles to minor roles in South African sopies like, Generations, Scandal, Isibaya, 7de Laan, Ashes to Ashes. In 2015 she landed her first short film stint Bitter Sweet shortly followed by Umakhwapeni and #Lit. She continues to occasionally appear on Scandal as a lawyer. It was in 2016 that she ventured full time into the music industry and recorded her first studio EP- One and Only. In 2017 she recorded and released her first live DVD album- Master of Everything. Although she has recorded and released a gospel album, her sound is not limited to such. The same year of 2017 she landed a home for her brainchild talk show – Initiating Insight which she produces and hosts on Soweto TV which airs every Wednesday at 7pm. The talk show addresses issues which seek to promote the freedom of the mind

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