ursela stroh

As from 1966 Ursela' Stroh has been involved with the arts. In 1966 received Silver diplomas for Drama and Singing. 1967 received a Gold diploma for Drama. 1968 a Silver Diploma for Drama. In 1972 a Gold Diploma for Drama and in this year played a lead role in a School Drama called Jack and Jill. In 1974 a Silver diploma for Singing and in 1975 won a singing competition at School and received a A+ Certificate. In her schooling career sang Opera for 4 yrs, Classical Ballet for 8yrs, Spanish dancing for 2yrs, Gymnastics for 3yrs,  Achieved. Natal School certificates class 1st, 3rd and 4th for swimming. She also through her schooling career sang in the School choirs, solos and competitions. Between the ages of 15-18 sang back vocalist and shared with a male vocalist in a Rock band called "Sugarspoon". After school in and whilst in her nursing career "Psychiatry/Psychology", she did plays,dancing and singing for the Staff Farewells and patients/children. Sang in the Church band for 3yrs. In Pietermaritzburg, and did Easter plays and danced for Church. She now in partnership (member) of Rivers Church, Sandton and on the 23rd June 2010 doing a audition to sing in their Band.  In 1988 she Qualified as a Model with Irenes Model Agency, PMBurg and In April 2010 qualified as a TV Presenter with Media Concept, Joburg. In 1995. Appeared in The Natal Witness Newspaper in a article called Out and About.  In 1991 appeared as a model to advertise a Night Club at the Capital Towers Hotel. 5 star.  In 2008 appeared in the Peoples magazine with South African actor, David Vlok. 2009 was in TV Plus magazine as a finalist in a competition to appear. In a magazine soap. Also in 2009 appeared in the Klerksdorp Record newspaper. For a Charity presentation organized by the Harley Davidson Club and Coobah restaurant. January 2010 the World renowned DJ from France, David Guetta used one of her modelling photos to appear in his music video of his song, Toyfriend. April 2010 she appeared in Huisgenoot and You Magazine as a finalist in a competition held by these magazines.  7 May 2010 she appeared in a role as Vivienne Westwood, the UK Fashion designer for a video shoot for Cell C.

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