veronique breugelmans

Born in Belgium and bred in South Africa, her journey has taken her from the majesty of the African bush, to the screens of cinematography, to the corporate world of advertising and back again. She has travelled more than 40 countries, overcome a chronic disease and inspired the most troubled of souls. But what really sets her world on fire is the ability to step into challenging characters. There’s something quite extraordinarily thrilling about being thrown into unfamiliarity; and it’s this exact challenge that often requires much research, physical and mental changes and at times, even awkward conversations. One could equate this desire to her passion for the arts as well as that of her curiosity for people and what makes them tick. And frankly, what better way to learn, than to literally step into their shoes. So Veronique seeks to indulge the more challenging roles. Think Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep or Susan Sarandon; and directors like Tim Burton, Martin Scorsese and James Cameron. They make the inconceivable, possible. The ordinary, extraordinary. And the visual experience a trip into a life, a mindset, another world, and at times, even other dimensions. Her passion for people and inspiration got her to host 5 slots on Kyknet as well as interviews on 702, Islamic radio and Hot 91.9FM – which consequently led to a weekly ‘Life Lessons’ spot every Friday on the station. She has also appeared in TV and media productions for Egoli, Edgars, Coca-Cola, Daewoo, SABC Greenface, Weighless, Eskom, AA Insurance, Swiss Air, Goodies for Girls – Toys for Boys, Cyborg Cop and most recently a role on SABC 3’s Roer Jou Voete. She has been trained in the advanced acting fundamentals at the Indigo View Advanced Academy where she got to be coached by the industry’s best including Steven Feinstein, Craig Morris, Louise St Claire, Christa Schamberger and more. In addition to her creative experience, Veronique also holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Psychology, Communications and Psychology from UNISA; and an ICF recognized Life-Coaching diploma from The Coaching Training Institute (CTI) in California. And is also a qualified FGASA Level 1 game ranger cause she loves the bush. In her spare time, she likes to take in the elements of nature. This includes cycling, hiking, scuba-diving, snow-boarding, getting lost in no-cell-phone-signal areas, watching the magic of plants and animals, meditating on mountain tops, dancing in the rain or simply indulging in some quiet and reflective alone-time. She also enjoys painting, a good book, bubble baths, dressing up and transforming friends with make-up. Cooking, baking and tea-parties would of course mean nothing, without company of friends and family.


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