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Zelda Roelofs is a natural born performer. She obtained her 3 year Nomad qualification from The Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute .She discovered her love for teaching and sharing the passion for the arts she opend her own Drama School – ZelB School of Acting. Where she wrote and produced plays. Zelda taught the syllabus of the Speech and Drama College, ADK and Pali Junior Certificate. After 6 years she approach a new chaper focusing on Performing and Presenting . Being a Radio Peronality for a year on 90.6 Fm Stereo, she is determined, ambitious, passionate and full of zeal to take on any challenge. Zelda has been the local nuse on 7 de laan since 2008. She played the mysterious teacher in Prinses for KykNet Silwerskermfees. Commercials are common ground for Zelda, Appearing in the most recent Raychol advert with Sean Brebnor and has done numerous Theatre Productions. She is extremely hard working, driven and focused and at the age of 34 there is nothing stopping her enthusiasm for life. From the age of 10, Zelda did modelling with Figures and Model Maker. After enrolling into one of Brumilda van Rensburgs acting courses in 2006. Zelda found her passion. She completed the Advanced course. She went on to finish her 3 year ADK Lisensiaat. Enrolled in Pali (Performing Art lifestyle Institute) for 3 years and became a Nomad. In 2008 she received her Lisensiaat in S.A Gilde van Spraak en Onderwys and started her own Drama School; ZelB School of Acting. For 5 years the school has been managed with commitment and dedication, having delivered up nominated actresses this school aims to perfection. Working behind the scenes, Zelda writes produce, directs and cast for all Productions. As a Performer she is not slowing down. Her dedication and ability is what makes her passion for acting thrive and ready for challenging characters in the entertainment industry.


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