ancia van der westhuizen

“Being an actress is my dream,” says Ancia. As a toddler, she entertained family and friends with shows performed in her grandmother’s old evening gowns. Ancia can easily transform from a stylish, elegant young lady, into a fun-loving, brave girl that does not back down from a challenge. It makes her a versatile actress suitable for a wide variety of acting parts. Ancia has great rhythm when it comes to dancing, but also has the grace and elegance of a model. She is a keen horse rider, and cannot wait to start competing in show jumping. She also participates in netball and is a real star in hockey. During 2011 and 2012 Ancia participated in the drama category at SATCH (South African Talent Championships). She qualified for the national rounds, and achieved the following in these two years: x2 gold, x5 silver. Ancia has been taking acting classes at ZelB School of Acting for three years, and achieved excellent grades at the annual Vereeniging Art Festival. In 2012 alone, she received x5 A++, x1 A+, x1A. Because of her hard work, diligence, maturity and integrity, Ancia has been chosen as a prefect at her school, and she has faithfully performed her duties.

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