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Caila is currently in Gr9 at Marais Viljoen High School. She loves the outdoors, singing, drama and she is a real drama Queen. Her interests are Horse riding (jumping, dressage and equitation). She received her Gauteng Colours as well as national Colours for the last couple of years. Caila loves singing and drama and is currently busy doing her Gr.8 exams in Trinity, which is an overseas-based company, that judge the students in S.A, with judges coming from the UK. She passed all her Trinity exams and passed her Gr 7 exams with a distinction of 87%. After doing her Gr 8 she will continue to do her teachers the year after next. Caila was involved in the 2010 soccer world cup opening ceremony at Galigar Estate for all Honoured Guests. Caila has been taking part in Eisteddfods at school for singing, drama and poems and received distinctions in all items.

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