elani venter

Elani has been doing drama (professionally) since grade 7 (other than school projects) at The Playhouse School of Acting, run by Sarahann Doherty famous South African actress. She did ballet for 3 years (from grade 3-6) and thoroughly enjoyed it until she discovered drama. She loves all there is to drama, the acting, the acting techniques, the history of the art and everything in between. Elani has recently completed her 2nd senior professional acting level at The Playhouse and is in the middle of her 3rd level. Her enthusiasm towards acting commenced when she was 11 years old. Since she watched the “behind the scenes” of movies with her mother, she realised that acting is an art. She was inspired! This talented young girl is down to earth and aspires to perfect this craft. She hopes to make her dream of becoming a professional actor in theatre and on the big screen a reality. She has a natural ability to entertain and act the part of the character in any role. She is passionate about the arts. Music and dance have always been part of her life and drama has become her passion, but acting has now become her life.


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