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Kiya joined Stageworx to study drama and dancing in August 2014, where she has since completed her Grades 7 & 8 Trinity Performing Arts exams and is currently preparing for her ATCL Associates exam in September 2016. She took part in the Stageworx December production in 2014, and was cast as a presenter in the Born to Perform Show at the Lyric theatre in 2015. In 2015 she also performed in front of 15 000 people at the Carnival City Arena with international pop stars from the 80’s as a backing vocalist in the 80’s Rewind show, and was invited to be a guest on YoTV’s Furry Tales where she read a children’s story and performed a song she’d written. She was the guitarist in the school band for their annual concerts: The Beatles Show and Hairspray. She has completed her Rock school Grade 5 exams for both Electric guitar and vocals – and will be doing Grade 6 exams for both in September, as well as Grade 4 in Bass Guitar. She is also currently studying AS levels in music with the Cambridge system. In December 2015 she worked as backstage assistant to Jonothan Roxmouth and Sharon Spiegel-Wagner in the show “I’m Playing your Song” at the Pieter Toerin Theatre in Monte Casino. Kiya is very confident in front of a camera and has appeared on the front covers of the local press, the Get It Magazine and the Citizen newspaper. She is regularly invited to be a guest member of the band, Ruby Tuesday where she plays guitar and sings backing vocals, and was part of a choir with Timothy Malloi for a corporate function in March this year.

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