veronica ramokgoname

Veronica is an ambitious young lady who speaks fluent Afrikaans and English. She started drama lessons in January 2004 and qualified to participate in the South African Championships of Performing Arts in Aprill 2004. There she qualified to go to Los Angeles. She also went the following year in 2005 and also there did she qualify to go to Los Angeles. In 2011 Veronica started drama lessons at Sameul Ferreira . In 2013 she auditioned for the Villa Rosa Sterrejag where she became a Finalist. In 2014 Veronica received the award of most promising acting in a role at the ATKV Tienertoneel for the play Rooi by P.A Viviers where she was played the role of Juf Thompson. She also got nominated for Best Actress. Veronica is a very outgoing person, acting is a big Priority in her life and she believes that she can make a career out of it.


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