megan restall

Megan attends school at King David Victory Park. She is a strong willed, vivacious and confident young lady, with mounds of energy. She loves being on stage and thrives off the attention that comes with each role she performs in. She started doing Drama, Musical Theatre, Singing and Dance at Stageworx School of Performing Arts in 2012 when she was 6 years old. Megan has since completed her Trinity Guild Exams in Performing Arts and Musical Theatre to Grade 3 level Achieving mainly distinction or merit at the lowest. In 2012 she was chosen to be the face of Debonairs Pizza’s new Dessert called “Sweet Beg 4 mores” which aired for just on a year. In 2014 she won 2 awards at Stageworx School of Performing Arts. The 1st was for “The Most Improved Junior Group Performer” and the 2nd was for “Stageworx Junior Star Award” – this is the highest award given at Stageworx School of Performing Arts.


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