nomcebo mathebula

Nomcebo Nokukhanya Mathebula was born the 9th of February 2008. She’s currently attending a Christian School. Nomcebo is a very outspoken young girl who loves to take the spotlight. She was chosen to compete in her school eisteddfod during her grade 1 and 2, to do an Engilsh poem and came out top with a gold medal respectively. Nomcebo is very flexible as she currently participates in gymnastics and swimming at school since 2013. She’s also an extrovert- not shy but shows a keen interest in drama and acting as she usually entertains family and friends by imitating TV personalities as well as singing and rapping performances. She started attending the Art class in 2015 and saw that it didn’t fulfill her and joined the ballet class as well in the same year. She communicates very fluently in Engilsh, Zulu and Sotho which makes it easy for her to make friends and mingle. Nomcebo Mathebula has a welcoming, soft personality, yet a vibrant, outgoing and bubbly personality at the same time. She has shown a huge passion for the arts industry and hopes to be professional at it some day..

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