rachel mathi

Rachel has an infectious personality which emerged when she started talking in full sentences at the tender age of 11 months. She is an entertaining spirit and often amazes family and friends with impromptu performances.   Rachel currently attends dance classes and is learning to play the drums. She is also participating in Tumbling Tigers which is bridging her into Gymnastics next year. Rachel is most at home pretending to be at fashion shows or hosting her own TV show, trying on all her clothes and modeling them to anyone who is around. She has a magical smile that lights up her light brown eyes and is articulate beyond her years. Rachel is a gorgeous, vibrant girl with a personality that transcends photographs and screens. She easily expresses herself and is able to morph into whichever cartoon character she is role playing. She desires to learn and grow in the world of stage and TV with a determination to perform well and always improve.

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