simone human

She showed interest in the arts from a very young age, entertaining family with her performances. She started with ballet at the age of 4 in crèche. At the age of 6 she joined dancing in studio (Belinda Dance Studio) to pursue ballet, modern and hip hop dancing. She has competed in all three dancing styles (solo, duet and group) since on American Dance International Award and Dance Star winning several medals and trophies. At age of 7 and half she decide to take Acrobatic classes as well in the same studio. Although a lover of dance, her passion lies with acting too and she would like to pursue / experience a career in film, advertising. Her dream is to become artist when she grow up one day. Simone is a natural, easy going joyful child and is always up for a challenge in which she can express herself. She desires to learn and grow in the world of stage with a determination to perform well and always improve. She attended a workshop in acting, dancing and singing in December 2016 by Vicky Friedman “Fame Academy”.

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