caruso mwachoweka

Caruso Mwachoweka performed his first play in a play Romeo and Juliet in the year 2016; he was lead character Romeo and achieved a certificate for his role in House plays at his school. Caruso Mwachoweka discovered that Acting is what he loves doing and decided to join Drama classes outside of his school to better himself. People who know him or have seen him perform on stage call him The Entertainer and is known as The Obsessed Ambassador of Entertainment. Once again he made it into the House plays in the year 2017, in a play called Twisted Affairs, played the role Marcus and achieved Best Junior Actor award. This year (2017) he is preparing for his Auditions at The National School of the Arts and he is also preparing for his grade 3 Trinity Exam. For the National School of The Arts he will be doing a monologue called Whistle down the Wind by Mary Haley Bell and for his Trinity exam he will do the same monologue and a poem called A Kiss by Frederica Rose. Greatness is the key for him and he will stop at nothing to make his dream a reality, he can act, present and many more that is able to be entertained. He has started up a YouTube channel where he motivates others to do great the YouTube channel is called “Caruso Mwachoweka”, he has also wrote his own script and amazed an audience as he acted as Nelson Mandela. He is a gifted young man and is dedicated to what he loves doing. What stands out about him is that he does not just Act the Act he entertains the Act.

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