chidera nwoha

Chidera Nwoha is a young boy who has always loved singing and dancing from a very early age, he would sing for his cousins on their birthdays and perform Beyonce songs and dance moves, from the age of 5 years we knew already that his career would be in the entertainment business. Chidera is part of the Choir at school and performs dances for the school for different occasions, In 2016 he auditioned for a voice over as the boy for the channel Cartoon Network/Boomerang and got the part, from then on there has been no stopping him, he has professionally recorded a single titled “Rise” which has two songs titled “I will Rise” and the other song titled “my best Friends” which we still plan on releasing towards the end of this year 2017 or early next year 2018. In April 2017 Chidera auditioned for the part of the “mouse” in Cinderella and out of 100’s of Children upon realizing his talent he was given a lead role of “Jaq” in Cinderella the Musical, he also auditioned for the Musical of Shrek 2017 and was chosen as part of the cast. Chidera has also been invited to two churches thus far and performed as a guest artist in their Gospel music concerts and also performed the theme song at a book Launch (Geza and the bee) Chidera is balancing both his career and school at the same time and excels in his school marks as well, Singing, Dancing and acting is his Passion and would also want to learn musical instruments in future, Chidera is a very humble and sweet boy who loves God with all his heart, very prayerful and loves making new friends. His talent is so natural he is simply a blessed child.


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