dylan de beer

Dylan is a born actor, who started entertaining his family and friends from a young age. He is always ready to put on a show. He is a learner at Curro Hazeldean in Pretoria East. Dylan likes playing sport and chess and also has a talent for playing guitar. His first love though, is acting. He played the in “Die Ongenooides”, which was a short film for kykNET’s Silwerskerm 2018. He acted alongside Nicola Hanekom, Hykie Berg and Gustav Gerdener. He is also the Sulpher and White movie. Dylan is a very focused young actor and is determined to make each role his own. He has the ability to adapt to any genre. He works equally hard, whether he has a role in a movie or in an advertisement. Dylan is an outspoken young man with a luring personality. He has been taking part in many eisteddfods and won many awards. He is determined to make a success of his future.














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