emmanuel kordatos

Emmanuel started drama lessons in 2008 with “ZelB” and quickly found his passion. He loves entertaining people, and making them laugh is what drives him.
He is currently in grade 7, and is being home schooled. His favourite subject is history, as he loves to learn how the world changed through the centuries.  
He loves taking part in sports. Soccer and cricket are one of his favourites.  He also enjoys skateboarding and playing keyboard is a great way to spend an afternoon. He thoroughly enjoys dancing, and hip-hop is like second nature to him.
Born in Bloemfontein, he grew up speaking Afrikaans, but when he moved to Gauteng, he quickly learned to speak English as well. Emmanuel is a very outgoing, bubbly person with a huge sense of humour. Apart from his blond hair and blue eyes, he has a gentle heart and cares for everyone around him, and is always looking for ways to help others.From a young age entertaining has been a priority in his life, and he is always looking for ways to be on stage or “on camera”.Emmanuel would love to make his passion his career.

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