gqamile mbuyazi

Gqamile has a passion for performing, he comes to life on stage or in front of camera. He is loves acting, dancing, choreography, movie directing and is great at par core. Gqamile plays the violin and piano both at grade 7 level. He has been playing since he was 3 learning via the Suzuki method and has competed at national competitions since he was 6. His debut tv appearance was on “I am a work of Art” and SABC program highlighting 22 young talented South Africans. There he showed his violin, piano and dancing skills. His Michael Jackson impersonation is perfection and his memorization skills are excellent. He is an outgoing and talkative young man who loves people, loves performing and makes friends wherever he goes. His great sense of drama and humor makes him a likeable young man to both old and young.




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