henri staal

Henri is best known for his sweet, loving, innocent and caring personality, his inquisitiveness, mind-blowing memory and as an animal lover. Henri could talk fluently before age 2 and has not stopped asking questions since. He is extremely intelligent and a balanced boy with a healthy self-esteem. Henri has been doing drama at school from the age of 4 and absolutely loves it. Every year he gets a leading role in the school’s concert and has also won the school’s public speaking competition this year (again). He has been selected as one of 3 kids to represent Gauteng in the upcoming ATKV Redenaars public speaking competition as one of the top 20 finalists in the country. He excels especially in the unprepared speeches and can think creatively in an instant.   Every year Henri enters the Central Gauteng Eisteddfod for about 10 items, mostly drama, and gets awarded with diplomas for almost all of those items. He loves the stage. Henri has learned that to be balanced you have to manage your time well. He is a top academic performer at school and plays cricket, tennis, chess and athletics. He reads often and has a good general knowledge. Henri has represented his school in the interschool’s Literature quiz, the General Knowledge quiz and the Maths competition. He recently also came 10th in the Deloitte’s Johannesburg Maths competition. In 2013 he wrote the SIAT international exams for grade 6 and 7. He scored in the top 10 percent in the world in the maths exam and in the top 20 percent for English first language and science. More than 14000 pupils worldwide wrote the exam last year. Henri’s hard work has also paid of when he was chosen to represent South Africa in chess in 2013. Chess taught him to work hard, concentrate long, make responsible decisions and cope with a huge amount of stress during tournaments lasting longer than a week. He has just returned from Scotland where he participated in the Commonwealth Chess games in Scotland. Currently Henri is ranked number 40 in South Africa for tennis for his age and one of the school’s top players. He is also passionate about tennis and loves to play whenever he gets a chance. Henri also takes guitar lessons and has started this year with keybord lessons at school. Henri is a confident boy who likes the stage and exploring and learning new skills. He is a passionate nature lover and his nature knowledge is impressive. He loves spending time with his friends, family and animals. He is a people’s person and gets along with people from all walks of life, no matter age or culture. He has a very good sense of humour. Henri knows who he is, who he wants to be and is not influenced by group pressure.

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