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Jehan was born on the 18th of January 2005, into a loving family who has supported whatever he chose to do. At the age of 5, his mother, who worked for the United Nations was given a new position at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which meant that they had to move to New York City and start a new chapter in their lives. Once arriving in New York, it was very cold and Jehan’s family kept getting lost. They lived in a hotel for about two and a half weeks until they found an apartment right in front of his new preschool, the International Pre-School and later the United Nations International School. Jehan loved his new school! All the other children had also come from different places around the world. Jehan found his passion for singing when he placed in the school choir. Five years later they left New York City to return to South Africa. Leaving New York was not easy choice; it was his home where his friends were. He was filled with worry about whether or not he would fit into South Africa and if he would make new friends. During Jehan’s stay in South Africa, he found numerous activities he fell in love, which soon became his strong suit. He was always musically talented from the age of 5 when he started playing piano; he then fell in love with singing and thus started singing lessons. Not only has he been gifted with the ability to play piano and sing beautifully, but a mere few months after singing lessons he began to play the drums. During his time at Crawford Prep, he discovered that acting and drama interested him very much and started pursuing an acting career. He found his love for acting purely because it allowed him to be creative and express himself in so many new ways apart from musically.

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