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Juandre is a young entertainer, who has a love for acting. He has a natural talent and pours his heart and soul into his work, no matter how big or small the role. He is currently a learner at Tygerpoort Primary School in the East of Pretoria. He loves participating in rugby and cricket. But his biggest passion is the performing arts. Apart from acting in commercials and movies, he is also part of the school choir, where he lives out his passion for music. He played the part of “Ondier” in the recent movie “Meerkat Maantuig”, written by Hanneke Schutte. He played alongside famous TV personality Pierre van Pletzen. He is also featured in the movie Sulpher and White playing the role of Arno. Juandre is a very outgoing young boy. He has participated in various eisteddfods and has done very well. He has a big future ahead of him.











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