kyle restall

Kyle started getting involved backstage of various performances put on by Stageworx – Performing Arts, and realised that this is where he is comfortable – behind the scenes. Kyle has the ability to pick up on Technology at an alarming rate for his age, and really enjoys attacking anything new on the technology front with full force. Kyle has often been stopped by people to peer into his gorgeous blue eyes, and has been told by more than one photographer, that his eyes dance on camera. Although Kyle appears to be Shy on first meeting him, that fades with time, and his ability to follow instructions does not falter. Kyle has a very witty sense of humour and can always be counted on to get those around him laughing, because of this, Kyle is always perceived as being a very happy boy – most unusual for a Teenager! As he heads towards his school career in Primary School ending, Kyle is looking forward to all the new challenges that face him – especially heading into High School, and he is hoping that all this new ventures that come his way will also assist him in overcoming his shyness and becoming a better person.

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